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Glass reinforced plastic


Made in Europe

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For 35 years

History of Jetmarine Ramps.

Jetmarine Limited started trading 35 years ago in Manchester area, derived from the director’s interests in boating and recreational water sports on Lake District.

He quickly established itself as a builder of high quality, high performance, jet propelled sports boats.

A downturn in the marine markets in the mid 90’s and increased competition from cheap imports meant the company needed to diversify from its core business to survive. Based on the fibreglass workshops expertise this seemed the most obvious service to develop.


Boat Jetmarine
Hospital Machinery, Jetmarine

Over the years it was apparent the recreational marine market was not going to recover to support the business, so a concentrated effort was made to expand the fibreglass production side : safety shower, marine craft for the military and industry (Bombardier Transportation, rolling stock manufacturers, JCB, Premiere League Football Clubs…).

In 2005, the designing of a glass fibre wheelchair ramp for one customer gave us the biggest change in direction. But one that has proved to be very successful.




A steady growth, in sales (average 5-10% year on year), geographical markets and range of ramp products over the past 15 years gave to JetMarine limited  a small but international market place in numerous countries such as France, Italy, Germany, Norway, USA, Australia, and a domestic supply to high street retailers of mobility products, medical device catalogues companies, local government departments from Social Services to housing depts, the NHS and some preferred supplier status ratings for organisations like The National Trust, English Heritage, Brussels Tram STIB…

Channel ramp unfolded and folded on a white background
Folded scooter ramp on a white background
open and diverted briefcase ramp

Sadly, in the past two years, 2 of the 3 directors who had helped build and develop the company passed away through illness. Despite some reorganisation of the small management staff the company and efforts to continues to grow, Jetmarine UK had induce to go into administration in March 2020.

AXSOL, a  french disability company expert, was one of the historical and major Jet Marine Ltd ramps customer. They offered to take over the moulds, expertise and the Jet Marine brand in may 2020. Their ambition is to perpetuate in Europe and around the world the unique adventure of Jet Marine fiberglass ramps while maintaining its high level of quality and innovation.

Application of the Gelcoat in our factory
fibreglass spraying in our workshop
Cutting of the fibreglass ramp in our workshop

Since 15th of septembre 2020, Jet Marine ramps are available again, manufactured and shipped all over Europe directly from AXSOL workshop in Versailles area.

Hole for plastic hinges
Riveting of plastic hinge
Alignment of the 2 parts of a shop ramp


Head Office Location:
3 Rue des peupliers
78450 Chavenay – France

Workshop Location:
45 avenue Georges Politzer 78190 Trappes - France


Opening Hours

Monday - Friday
9am - 12.30pm /   1:30pm - 5pm